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Day 1(Wednesday, October 4)

Opening Session (9:30-9:45) / Keynote1 (9:45-10:00)

Plenary Session 1 - Innovative Policy Making (10:00-11:30)

Keynote 2 (13:15-14:15)

Plenary Session 2 - GX Together (14:30-16:00)

Concurrent Session 1 - Global Stocktake (16:15-17:15)


Other Events - NEDO Green Innovation Fund Projects Symposium (13:00-14:45)

Other Events - Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) (15:00-16:00)

Concurrent Session 2 - Food, Water and Climate Change (16:15-17:15)

Day 2 (Thursday, October 5)

Keynote3 (9:30-9:45)

Concurrent Session 3 - Innovative Use of Renewables (10:00-11:00)

Special Session with Prof. Smil (11:15-12:15)

Concurrent Session 4 - Sustainable Aviation (13:15-14:15)

Other Events - Conversation with Young-generation Innovators (14:30-15:30)

Summarising Plenary Session- Overlooking the Outcome of ALL sessions ICEF2023 (15:45-17:15)

Closing Session (17:15-17:45)


ICEF Roadmap Project (9:30-10:30)

Other Events -The Co-hosted Event by BloombergNEF (10:45-12:15)

Concurrent Session 5 - Nuclear Fusion Technology (13:15-14:15)

Other Events - The Co-hosted Event by UNIDO (14:30-16:00)

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*A post-event briefing for the press will be held by METI (Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry) on October 5. For details, please refer to the Media Coverage Guidelines.

*Please note that we may not be able to meet your request.

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