ICEF2023 will be held as a hybrid event. You can participate either in-person or online.

Registration deadline: September 26, 2023 (Tuesday) 8:00 (UTC)

In-person participants

* Because the number of participants is limited, in-persons participants will be selected by lottery.

  • On October 2 (Monday), the Secretariat ( will send the QR code necessary at the reception counter on the day of the event to your registered email address.
    *If you are not selected in the lottery, please participate online. We will send you information concerning the online program together with the lottery results.
  • If you live outside of Japan and wish to participate in-person, please understand that the ICEF Secretariat cannot provide any special assistance, including issuance of visa application materials.
  • After the in-person registration deadline, it is only possible to apply for online participation.

On-line Participation

  • On October 2 (Monday), the Secretariat ( will send information concerning the program on the day of the event to your registered email address.

Notes/ Guidance

  • When applying, please choose whether you will participate in-person (at the venue) or online.
  • This year's venue is the Hotel New Otani Tokyo.
  • There is no charge for participation.
  • If you do not receive an acceptance email or an email from the Secretariat regarding your in-person or online participation after your application, please contact the Secretariat.
    *Please make sure this email was not sorted to your spam folder.
Guidelines for the Press Registration Form for the Press

*Please make sure the above precautions and the Media Coverage Guidelines before applying.

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