Innovation Cases


"Innovation Cases" is an activity to introduce the latest cases of technology development and diffusion which are expected to contribute to climate change in the fields of energy and environment. The activity helps us to understand the state and trends of innovations, and also provides useful information for creating new innovations in the fields of energy and environment.


Category Document Title Organization Document Video
Sustainable Food System for 2050 236KB “Farmlogs LITE”,
a farm management software with satellite data
Farmlogs 310KB
a mobile app for food-sharing aiming to reduce food waste
OLIO 245KB  
a humanoid collaborative robot in food factory
RT Corporation 313KB video
Energy System Integration 496KB “Next Pool”,
10,000 units aggregated in Virtual Power Plant by Next Kraftwerke
Next Kraftwerke 264KB  
developing technologies for liquefied hydrogen supply chain
HySTRA 446KB  
Nuclear Power as a Power Source for Decarbonization 226KB “NuScale”,
emission-free & flexibility with safety & cost competitiveness
NuScale Power 336KB  
H2 production with superior-safety nuclear reactor
Japan Atomic
Energy Agency (JAEA)
Negative Emission Technologies 297KB “Orca”,
The world’s largest climate-positive direct air capture plant
Climeworks 558KB  
Digital Technology to achieve Efficiency and Decarbonization 289KB "Project Natick",
An underwater datacenter which is reliable, practical and sustainable
Microsoft 499KB  
AI-driven energy management platform to help manufacturers realize Industry 4.0